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We’re a warm and optimistic bunch who will always go the extra mile (or late night)

if that’s what it takes to make a job the best it can be. To be exceptional.

  George McRae - Brand Strategy Director

5 Facts about George

- Loves to adventure to new places on his motorbike

- Needs to understand how everything works

- Loves racquet sports

- Passionate about 'the village'

- Will try anything at least once


3 Things about Ignite

- We are a family

- One of the few real business

- and brand strategy led agencies

- Creativity is king


3 things I love

- Dancing (free the soul)

- Adventuring - need new stuff to see and do

- Big family and friends parties


1 number

- 42 (the meaning of life)

favourite quote:


"Go for it"

  Bob Still - Design Director

5 Facts about Bob

- Has had an ipod since 2001

- (but the music only goes up to 1989)

- Has so many children he sometimes

- forgets their names

- To relieve stress Bob cooks, eats and drinks:

- quite a bit (see next fact)

- He runs (a lot)

- Is a graduate of Grays school of art in Aberdeen

- (now that's a coincidence)


3 Things about Ignite

- Started Ignite with George in 1998

- The first rule of Ignite is we don't talk about.... the fire

- Without tea nothing would ever get started


3 things I love

- The Godfather Trilogy

- (although the third one is a bit pants)

- Doctor Martens

- (come the revolution they will be worn by both sides)

- Ligatures (it's all in the detail)


1 number

- 33 and a third (the speed of an LP - that's a bit like
- a CD but larger and black)

favourite quote:


"We are going to make it through

this year even if it kills us"

  Frank Shields - Senior Designer

5 Facts about Frank

- Frank loves all things DIY, from bicycles to houses

- Frank is the worst tea maker

- When he is passionate about something,
- you'll get to know about it

- A Mancunian that supports Liverpool!

- Frank is VERY messy


3 Things about Ignite

- Great banter

- Great cake (in abundance)

- Great company


3 things I love

- Wiff Waff Wednesdays

- Climbing

- Beautiful screenprint


1 number

- a gazillion (trumps all numbers)

favourite quote:


"I have forced myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste"

  Jack Jack - Senior Designer

5 Facts about Jack

- Was severely allergic to jaffa cakes when she was a kid
- Has travelled to 19 out of the 196 countries in the
- world and snowboarded in 7 of them

- Spent 5 weeks travelling around Alaska where she got
- a space invader tattoo as a momento
- Can speak 2 languages, english and doric
- Is the only ginger in her family


3 Things about Ignite

- Ignite has consumed approximately 25,480 biscuits
- since they started

- Ignite was formed the same year as the search engine
- google when the average price of a beer was £1.90

- There is a black hole located at the Ignite office,
- into it goes all the pens that we have ever had,
- the black hole links directly to Bob's house!


3 things I love

- Tea, while working
- Tea, while relaxing
- Tea, while snowboarding


1 number

- Why just one? I like them all, i'm not numberist

favourite quote:


"Don't tell me the sky is the limit when

there are footprints on the moon!"

Personal links:

  Nikola Grabacic - Designer

5 Facts about Nikola - The new guy - Designer by day, musician by night (and vice versa) - Works hard, plays harder - In spare time runs a creative hub and music festival - Prefers coffee to tea (and beer to coffee) 3 Things about Ignite - Welcoming - Inspiring - The place to be 3 things I love - Rock & Roll - Graphic design - Independent art/film/music 1 number - 3.14 (π)

favourite quote:


"Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."

Personal links:


  David Wilson - Designer

5 Facts about David

- Trained as an Illustrator in Dundee and ‘fell into’

  graphic design

- Taught illustration and graphics for (gasp) 19 years

- Can’t live without his Apple gear

- Has to have the right pen for the right job – it’s essential

- Can cook and always leaves a tidy kitchen


3 Things about Ignite

- Good balance of work and banter

- Have a regular supply of biscuits and cake

- They live upstairs from the best coffee in Edinburgh



3 things I love

- Whales

- Letterpress

- A great classic western (there’s only a wee handful that qualify)


1 number

- 282 (number of Munros – I’m on a mission to climb them all

  by the time I puff my last)

favourite quote:


“That’ll be the day” John Wayne (at least three times), The Searchers

  Colin Gilchrist - Social Media

5 Facts about Colin

- Colin has produced music played by Tiesto

- Colin designed the Twitter tool ‘Tweetabits’ as featured in


- Colin has been known to design entire fashion collections

  for a Lithuanian client

- Colin spent time in Las Vegas with Zappos.com the week

  before Amazon invested $1.2 billion

- Colin’s nicknames have included: Herb, CC, Knobber

  and Colster


3 Things about Ignite

- Exciting

- Make you look at the bigger picture

- Great biscuits


3 things I love

- My daughter and her food blog: http://talorgilchrist.com

- Pastries, you can never have too many

- SciFi and films set in the future


1 number

72, the age my Grandfather remarried

favourite quote:


“Innovation begins here

(arrow points to heart)”


  Lizelle van Rhyn - Marketing

5 Facts about Lizelle

- Serious love for aircooled vintage cars

- Natural connector of people to more like-minded people

- Love cricket, especially 5 day test matches

- Love Cape Town

- Love any reason to be with my friends and family


3 Things about Ignite

- Passionate about my clients business

- Never take on a campaign just for the money

- We build strong and lasting relationships with clients


3 things I love

- Djembe drumming

- Sunset (in both hemisphere's)

- Roadtrips


1 number

- I don't really have one number - they're all good!

favourite quote:


“You can’t build a reputation on what
you’re going to do.”

  Mariela Albornoz - Business Development Manager

5 Facts about Mariela


- A big fan of personal development. It’s all about evolution.- Do I hear travelling? Game on!- Huge fun of people and connecting.- Pasta Puttanesca + Country music. Great stuff- In love with the Scottish countryside 3 Things about Ignite- Passion, values and committment- The future is here- Inspiration meets motivation 3 things I love- A good deal- My MacBook Air, essential- Life and its possibilities 1 number- 7 (the creation)   



favourite quote:


"We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are." - Oprah

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ignite your brand™

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